Automotive Oil

Our company offers top quality automotive grade BRAKE AND FLUID OIL that are available in various different grades as per their viscosity and density. These liquids are used to transfer hydraulic force in between brake lines to stop vehicles. They are hygroscopic in nature that helps to prevent the water pooling within braking system. These can be easily cleaned with the help of damp cloth to remove spillage.BRAKE AND FLUID OIL availed by us can be used in two wheeled as well as four wheeled vehicles. These viscous liquids have high boiling point to prevent burning of oil at high temperatures that ultimately leads to longer life.
ENGINE OIL also known as motor oil is a thick flowable lubricant especially formulated by using best in class minerals and lubricating agents. These liquids improve the working life of the high speed components within engine that move relative to each other. These lubricating elements works by reducing the wearing rate and maintain the temperature. ENGINE OIL creates a protective layer in between moving parts. They are highly necessary due to the functions like prevention of deposits, removal of suspending dirt or contaminations, cooling of engine components and maintaining engine fuel efficiency and working performance of the vehicles.
FORT OIL are highly recommended engine oils that are especially formulated for the high performance motor sport engines for efficient working. These top quality lubricants prevents the damages due to high temperature and pressure which results in longer working life.They are added with natural and synthetic minerals that make them suitable for normal to extreme working conditions to resist extreme temperature and pressure. FORT OIL manufactured and supplied by us are also suitable forturbo charged as well as supercharged engines. They are available in different sized containers in between 2.5 to 10 liters as per customer demands.
We are offering premium grade GEAR OIL that can be used in various industrial machineries and automotive for the smooth rotation of interconnected gears with very less wearing that ultimately leads to longer service life of the machines. These lubricating agents are made by using top grade synthetic and natural ingredients that are added in proportionate amounts to make different grades of GEAR OIL as per the area of applications. Buyers can get this top quality thick and viscous liquid in different sized containers with a volumetric capacity in between 1-liter bottles to 10-liter buckets with air sealed lids.
Xenon Lubricants is a big name which deals in the manufacturing and supplying of industrial grade HYDRAULIC OIL that are formulated by using top quality materials. These viscous oils are commonly used in various fluid powered machineries such as hydraulic lift, cranes and many more. These SAE approved oils are available in different grades as per their thickness and viscosity. They are highly resistant to high temperatures and pressures.HYDRAULIC OIL offered by us are available in hard plastic buckets of 10 liters with air tight lids. Get these oils from us with a supply ability of 10000 units per day.
We are offering best in class SYNTHETIC OIL that are formulated by using artificial chemical compounds that are added in highly proportionate amounts. These are also added with petroleum components to improve the thermal as well as chemical properties. They are available in various grades such as 10w30, 20w40 and other. These chemicals help to reduce the wearing and damages due to high temperature and pressure.SYNTHETIC OIL availed by us are highly demanding due to their exceptional performance, chemical properties and non-toxin nature that make them environment friendly. Get these industrial grade oils with a fast delivery of 1 day.

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